There's a seat with your name on it

When And Where?

Come in and find your spot. For Sunday services and most other ministries, we meet at church in Three Way. For small groups and other occasional gatherings, we may meet in different locations around the area. You can keep an eye on the calendar for more information.

Sundays            Wednesdays


Sunday Services


Children’s Ministries

What Can I Expect At Church?

Pastor reading a text at Northbrook church

Authentic Worship And Transformational Teaching

In our Sunday services, you can expect biblical teaching, uplifting worship, and encouragement in the warmth of a New Testament family.

Deep Community And Joyful Service

You’ll feel at home in the warm and welcoming buzz at Northbrook, which encourages community and creates a comfortable environment where discovering and using spiritual gifts feels normal and positive. Church life is filled with thriving, exciting ministries as fellow Northbrookers serve joyfully.
Older woman waves hello at Northbrook church

Is there a dress code?

No. Come as you are. Feel comfortable and at home. You are always welcome.

What Is It All About?

We’re a Christian family that takes our responsibility to live and love like Jesus seriously, and our heart is to build relationships that lead people to Christ and His church. Everything we believe and affirm at Northbrook is rooted in the authority and inspiration of the Bible, from which all our beliefs and doctrines come from.
We launched Northbrook in 1993 with a passion to lovingly serve our West Tennessee community and University students, and for them to feel the love of Christ through His people.



We want you to meet Jesus and know him as your Lord and Savior.



God works through us, his people, to lovingly serve others as he loved us.



God generously offered his son Jesus for us. We strive to be generous too.



God faithfully responds when his people pray. So, we make prayer a habit.



Love is the lens through which we measure every doctrine and action.

How Do I Get Connected?

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the life of the church. Come and discover areas where you can truly connect and thrive. Whether you are in the West Tennessee community or a college student, you will be drawn to feel the love of Christ through His people.

Who Are The Leaders?

At Northbrook, we have a team of dedicated leaders who are passionate about serving the church and creating a place where people can draw closer to God and each other. Come in and get to know us.

Still Have Questions?