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In our Bible belt community, it used to be most everyone had some connection to some particular church. Maybe it was because of grandparents, parents, or neighbors. Maybe because they were sprinkled as an infant, baptized as a child, walked an aisle, signed a card, wrote a check, or went on a mission trip.

It is not a given anymore, even in the Bible belt, that being a member of some church is important or necessary. Statistics indicate the majority are not in a church at all. In our culture of individualism, as long as one has his/her life straight with God, church (including church membership) is "optional." And, if it is one of our priorities, it is often based on individual preferences for meeting our own needs. 

For the month of August, we will be exploring what the Bible indicates that it takes and looks like to be a church member. Most of the Sunday message Scripture focus will be in Philippians. Our SaLT groups will be using a little book by Thom Rainer, I Am A Church Member.

Come and be a part of our journey into Biblical church membership.

August 2014 Series

Download Name Play Size Length
download Church Member Part 5 August 31 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

47 MB 51:17 min
download I Am a Church Member Pt 3 August 17 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

48.4 MB 52:49 min
download I Am a Church Member Pt 2 August 10 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

44.6 MB 48:44 min
download I Am a Church Member Pt 1 August 3 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

48.2 MB 52:41 min

Daniel, Sovereignty and Survival

The book of Daniel is written about a time "when God's people live under ungodly world dominion. The book promotes hope by teaching that at all times 'the Most High God is ruler over the kingdoms of men' (5:21)" (HCSB Study Bible). Daniel is an example of faithfulness and holiness in a culture similar to ours; of pluralism, individualism, and relativism. He and his friends stand strong in their faith in Yahweh in spite of the risks and consequences. Daniel also gives us a view of the future that assures us God will ultimately prove his power and reign victorious. Click here to download a Salt group study guide.

Download Name Play Size Length
download It All Comes Down to This June 29 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

39.6 MB 43:15 min
download Daniel 6 Long Obedience June 22 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

55.6 MB 60:42 min
download God Wins June 15 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

57.9 MB 63:17 min
download How Do You Measure Up? June 8 , 2014
Leo Baxter

26.1 MB 28:30 min
download Pride & Humility Daniel 4 June 1 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

44 MB 48:06 min
download Faith Regardless May 25 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

45 MB 49:06 min
download Daniel 2 May 18 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

52.3 MB 57:06 min
download No Compromise May 4 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

47.9 MB 52:20 min

FaithWorks, the letter from James

FaithWorks is our fall series through the letter from Jesus half-brother, James. The letter from James is a wonderful companion piece to the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels. James has a strong ethical emphasis that is consistent with the moral teachings Jesus gave to his disciples. He also mirrors the sometimes harsh denunciations that Jesus spoke against religious hypocrisy. Like Jesus' teachings, the book of James is both a source of exhortation and comfort, reproof and encouragement. Finally, James is known for being extremely practical, yet it contains some of the most profound theological truths of the New Testament. (taken from the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible)

Download Name Play Size Length
download Be Praying People December 1 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

43.7 MB 47:42 min
download Be Patient November 24 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

42.7 MB 46:37 min
download Don't Play God November 10 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

46.9 MB 51:13 min
download Humble Yourself, James 4:1-10 November 3 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

48.4 MB 52:50 min
download Wisdom from Above or Below, James 3:13-18 October 20 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

42.2 MB 46:02 min
download Watch Your Mouth, James 3:1-12 October 13 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

47.5 MB 51:55 min
download Real Faith that Really Works, James 2:14-26 October 6 , 2013
Walt Weber

46.7 MB 51:03 min
download Living the Royal Law, James 2:1-1 September 29 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

38.4 MB 41:56 min
download Listening is Not Enough, James 1:13-27 September 22 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

52.2 MB 57:01 min
download Joy in the Journey, James 1:1-12 September 8 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

44.2 MB 48:14 min

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