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Know for Sure (1 John)


 The book of 1 John, written to early Christians, served as a tool against false teaching about Jesus, but it also served to encourage those readers to know for sure that they were loved and forgiven by God.

Be encouraged as we explore this letter. You can know for sure where you stand with God.




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download Know for Sure June 28 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Know For Sure, Part 4 June 21 , 2015
Mark Bustrum

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download Know For Sure Part 3 June 14 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Know for Sure Part 2 June 07 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Know for Sure May 31 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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Exodus: Getting Egypt Out of Us


Examining Exodus, we see this is much more than a story of Moses, Israel, or Egypt. It is  a story about God. It's about Him, His grace, and His glory.


Each week, we will see how God delivered His people from slavery and ultimately how He delivers from sin.

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download Raising Kingdom Kids May 17 , 2015
Leo Baxter

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download Covenant Renewal - Exodus May 10 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Moving Forward With God's Favor May 3 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Practicing the Presence of God April 26 , 2015
George Guthrie

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download Portable Church April 19 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Stone Tablets in a Wireless World April 12 , 2015
Walt Weber

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download The Red Sea Song April, 05 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Lost and Found at the Red Sea March 29 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download The Deliverer is Here March 15 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download A Deliverer is Coming, Exodus Pt 2 March 8 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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download Exodus Part 1 March 1 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

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I am a Church Member

In our Bible belt community, it used to be most everyone had some connection to some particular church. Maybe it was because of grandparents, parents, or neighbors. Maybe because they were sprinkled as an infant, baptized as a child, walked an aisle, signed a card, wrote a check, or went on a mission trip.

It is not a given anymore, even in the Bible belt, that being a member of some church is important or necessary. Statistics indicate the majority are not in a church at all. In our culture of individualism, as long as one has his/her life straight with God, church (including church membership) is "optional." And, if it is one of our priorities, it is often based on individual preferences for meeting our own needs. 

For the month of August, we will be exploring what the Bible indicates that it takes and looks like to be a church member. Most of the Sunday message Scripture focus will be in Philippians. Our SaLT groups will be using a little book by Thom Rainer, I Am A Church Member.

Come and be a part of our journey into Biblical church membership.

August 2014 Series

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download Church Member Part 5 August 31 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

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download I Am a Church Member Pt 3 August 17 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

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download I Am a Church Member Pt 2 August 10 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

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download I Am a Church Member Pt 1 August 3 , 2014
Chuck Maxwell

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