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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10. Wisdom is the application of God's word and truth to everyday life. This 3 part series from Proverbs looks at Solomon's call to get wisdom and applies it to students, teachers, and parents as they get back into the routine of school. This is the perfect time of year to make sure we are focused on getting what God desires from our formal educational roles, contexts and opportunities.

Download Name Play Size Length
download Parents August 18 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

45.3 MB 49:26 min
download Teachers August 11 , 2013
Chuck Maxwell

52 MB 56:49 min
download Students (Chuck Maxwell) August 4 , 2013

51.5 MB 56:16 min

Family...God's Idea

An earthly family was God's first way to demonstrate his eternal plan for a personal relationship with Himself. As well as His plan to have a people for Himself that we call the church. Strong families make strong churches. In this series rooted in Ephesians 5, we explore the different roles of family life and how we can fulfill those roles to God's glory. Topics include, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, children, and singles.

Download Name Play Size Length
download Dads (Chuck Maxwell) June 16 , 2013

40.1 MB 43:46 min
download Singles (Chuck Maxwell) June 9 , 2013

41.9 MB 45:45 min
download Children (Michael Lee) June 2 , 2013

31 MB 33:54 min
download Husbands (Walt Weber) May 26 , 2013

38.2 MB 41:44 min
download Wives Submit (Chuck Maxwell) May 19 , 2013

62.5 MB 68:18 min
download God's Design: Mothers for Family (Chuck Maxwell) May 12 , 2013

36.8 MB 40:09 min

King of Hearts

King David was the one King whom Jesus would be compared to. Only Jesus would surpass the greatness of David. In this series from 1 & 2 Samuel, we look into the heart of this shepherd boy turned into a king. We explore what a man after God's own heart looks and acts like. We also see how King David's main role was to point us to the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ.

Download Name Play Size Length
download What Sin? (Chuck Maxwell) May 5 , 2013

45.2 MB 49:19 min
download Bathsheba Affair (Chuck Maxwell) April 28 , 2013

49.7 MB 54:17 min
download How to Worship (Chuck Maxwell) April 14 , 2013

44.7 MB 48:51 min
download Nabal & Abigail (Chuck Maxwell) April 7 , 2013

46.3 MB 50:34 min
download Godly Relationships (Chuck Maxwell) Mar. 24 , 2013

50.6 MB 55:15 min
download Fame and Success (Chuck Maxwell) Mar. 17 , 2013

48.1 MB 52:32 min
download David and Goliath (Jason Brooks) Mar. 10 , 2013

41.7 MB 45:33 min
download Unlikely King (Chuck Maxwell) Mar. 3 , 2013

43.7 MB 47:45 min

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