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Our normal practice is to do multi-week message series through a book of the Bible or covering a relevant scriptural theme for a season of our life. From time to time we will use Sundays between these series to cover a single passage or topic that ties in to a cultural issue or a value of our church. These weeks also give opportunities for other men to develop their speaking and preaching gifts.

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download Membership Matters December 06 , 2015
Chuck Maxwell

42.5 MB 46:27 min
download Reconciliation through Christ November 29 , 2015
Dr. Dub Oliver

34.6 MB 37:47 min
download George and Friends November 15 , 2015
George Guthrie

54.3 MB 59:20 min
download The Great Commission October 25 , 2015
Pastor Choi

35 MB 38:11 min
download Contend Earnestly September 6 , 2015
Leo Baxter

36.1 MB 39:25 min
download Examine Yourself May 24 , 2015
David Sutherland

43.2 MB 47:13 min
download Death Defying Deliverer March 22 , 2015
Leo Baxter

35.6 MB 38:51 min