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Crossing the Line: Acts



As kids, we used to draw a line in the dirt and dare a friend to step over it in order to show some courage for a fight. In the New Testament book of Acts, Luke chronicles the “acts” of the early Christ followers, and describes the clear lines they crossed with tremendous courage and confidence. In our six week series, we will draw the lines of faith, community, boldness, confrontation, truth, and conviction. Our prayer is that we will cross these lines and follow in the footsteps of our brothers and sisters who demonstrated courage in the face of opposition.


Download Name Play Size Length
download Crossing the Line of Accountability Feb. 18 , 2018
Chuck Maxwell

48.7 MB 53:14 min
download Crossing the Line of Boldness February 11 , 2018
Chuck Maxwell

43 MB 46:59 min
download Crossing the Line of Community February 04 , 2018
Chuck Maxwell

45.6 MB 49:46 min
download Crossing The Line January 28 , 2018
Chuck Maxwell

46.3 MB 50:33 min




For manuscripts of this sermon series, select from the PDF links below:

"Crossing the Line of Faith" - Sunday, January 28 (Chuck Maxwell)

"Crossing the Line of Community" - Sunday, February 4 (Chuck Maxwell)

"Crossing the Line of Boldness" - Sunday, February 11 (Chuck Maxwell)

"Crossing the Line of Accountability" - Sunday, February 18 (Chuck Maxwell)

Galatians: Grace & Freedom



Our fall Sunday series will cover one of the earliest New Testament books, Paul’s letter to the Galatians. It is our hope to see the true gospel in our post-secular culture where many ways to God are acceptable. Galatians presents the truth that we are justified and live, not by man-made rules for religion, but by trusting in God’s grace alone, through Christ’s work alone.


Download Name Play Size Length
download Boasting and Benediction December 10 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

39.5 MB 43:10 min
download Applying Grace with Our Freedom December 3 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

42.6 MB 46:32 min
download Walk by the Spirit/Free Pt 2 November 26 , 2016
Chuck Maxwell

39.3 MB 42:54 min
download I'm Free! Now What? November 19 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

46.8 MB 51:09 min
download Straight Up Love November 12 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

42.4 MB 46:17 min
download Identity, Freedom, Intimacy November 5 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

41.6 MB 45:28 min
download Life by Faith October 15 , 2017

41.9 MB 45:48 min
download Interrogation Examination October 8 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

37.5 MB 41:00 min
download Timeout for Truth October 1 , 2017
Leo Baxter

43.6 MB 47:39 min
download What Are You Doing? Gal 1:6-10 Sept 24 , 2017

43 MB 46:57 min
download Who Says So? (Gal. 1:1-5) September 17 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

54.1 MB 47:14 min

For manuscripts of the sermons, please use the links below:

Galatians 5:1-15; I'm Free! Now What? (Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 - Chuck Maxwell)

Galatians 5:16-26; I'm Free! Now What? pt 2 (Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017 - Chuck Maxwell)

Galatians 5:26-6:10; Applying Grace with Our Freedom (Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017 - Chuck Maxwell)

Galatians 6:11-18; Boasting & Benediction (Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017 - Chuck Maxwell)


The Gospel & ...


Have you ever wondered about the relevance of the Gospel to your everyday life? Could the ancient Bible possibly have anything to say to our current culture and life? The Bible is God’s good news of his plan for his creation and humanity. And through his Word and His Spirit, He has given us the gift of being able to live in a way that brings Him the most honor, and us the most fulfillment. The apostle Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth addresses several areas of life in Greece that parallel ours today. In this five week series we will explore the Gospel and power, tolerance, marriage, singleness, and Christian liberty.

Download Name Play Size Length
download The Gospel & Freedom September 03 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

41.4 MB 45:16 min
download The Gospel & Singleness August 27 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

38.1 MB 41:36 min
download The Gospel and...Sex & Marriage August 20 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

36.5 MB 39:54 min
download The Gospel and Tolerance August 13 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

39.8 MB 43:30 min
download The Gospel & Power August 6 , 2017
Chuck Maxwell

48.1 MB 52:29 min

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